CM Punk Net Worth 2024 Salary: How much did CM Punk make in UFC?

Transitioning from another sport, CM Punk also tried his luck in wrestling. Throughout his professional time, he secured championship titles twice. Initially not pursuing wrestling as a career, CM Punk eventually accepted it professionally. Upon entering the ring, he joined the Ring of Honor. After several matches, he signed with WWE, enjoying a long term stint. His tenure in WWE was marked by various titles and awards, making his reputation as a good figure in wrestling. Notably, he captured the World Heavyweight Championship three times.

His credibility soared when he surpassed John Cena’s records. Punk’s WWE contract concluded in 2013, at which time he was involved with UFC and Cage Fury. So, he switch and join them couple of time.

CM Punk Net Worth 2024:

Sometimes switching from one team or organization to another is more fruitful than staying in one place. Such has been the case with CM Punk, as his net worth in 2024 is expect to improve further when he signs with the next company. At that time, his worth is:

Year Net Worth
2024 $13 Million

CM Punk Salary in AEW:

Few years back, CM Punk contract with AEW, and this became cause of curiosity about his salary at AEW, that was around $3 Million. Further, he is not currently a part of AEW. If he signs a contract with them in the future, it will also spread every where.

His Salary in AEW $3 M

Salary in WWE:

After a few issues with AEW, there are strong rumors of his comeback with WWE. In the past, Punk’s annual salary with WWE was $5 million. If he rejoins them in the future, then the latest salary figure is expected to increase.

Salary in WWE $5 Million

How much did CM Punk make in UFC?

Since his salary amounts with AEW and WWE started being discussed, fans began comparing them with his previous income from UFC. However, as of now, he has not disclosed his exact salary with UFC. But speculations are that he made close to $9 million from them.

Salary UFC $10 million

Indeed, he had a short time career with WWE, but during that time, he achieved numerous records and titles. On the other hand, he earned millions of dollars from WWE, which is why there is excitement about the possibility of him reconnecting with them.

one and only cm punk

How many titles has CM Punk Won?

Till current time, he won two in the championship category, while for thrice he secured the Heavyweight Championship, and a few more titles are also in his record book. In addition, there are chances that he wins a new championship in the future.

Championship 5 Titles

That’s all regarding CM Punk’s net worth and 2024 salary. The total income of this great fighter, who has proven himself everywhere, is 10 million dollars, including all assets. Moreover, his next contract will add more value, so we can expect his net worth to rise in the coming year.

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