Jacob Sartorius Net Worth 2024: Is he Rich?

Singing has been in his blood from a very young age. His interest in music ignited at the age of 7, but his classmates often ridiculed him. Jacob Sartorius turned to social media to divert his attention from such negativity. This shift eventually aided significantly in his career pursuit. His first video, carrying a powerful message against teasing, went viral when he was 11 and this was time when Jacob Sartorius Net Worth start establishing. He gained fame on Vine by regular posts on the platform. His journey has been far from easy; he resorted to medication to overcome anxiety and mental health issues.

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth 2024:

When Jacob Sartorius releases a new album, he first uploads it to his official YouTube channel, earning him a year’s million dollars. Moreover, he earns approximately $180K per month from YouTube. In addition, when he makes a social media post for various brands, sources indicate he charges approximately $23K.

  • Other then this, many of albums are released on a yearly basis. We are unable to provide an exact figure for the annual income, but we can offer some statistics.
Overall Net Worth (Approx.)
$4 Million
Youtube Income More then $1 Million (Approx.)
TikTok Income About 500 K Dollars

Jacob Sartorius Some Highlights

Home/House Tulsa, and then in Los Angeles
First Album The Last Text

How many Followers does Jacob Sartorius have on TikTok?

Despite his popularity on social media, this celebrity has amassed over 23 million followers on TikTok, who enjoy watching his videos. Moroever, he charges a very high amount for each post made on social media, as most popular brands promote their products on celebrity TikTok accounts.

TikTok Fans 23.6 Million
Per Post Charge for Endorsement Not Sure

Is Jacob Sartorius Rich?

Poor parents in Tulsa gave birth to him. His mother and father could no longer care for him, so he moved to Reston with his adoptive family. Indeed, he spent the majority of his childhood with them in Reston.

“Now Jacob Sartorius net worth shows that he is surely a rich boy”

  • Rolf, his stepfather, is the CEO of a company based in Virginia. It grew from a small company into a huge organization. Previously, Rolf also worked as a teacher and provided his services in a bank.
  • Sartorius admitted in a video that Rolf is his stepfather. However, he also tells his stepfamily that they are the best ones.

worth of Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius Career Highlights

Obviously, Jacob Sartorius is a handsome young boy with a delightful character. In the early part of his career, he was a social media celebrity. A video he uploaded on an app launched his music career.

  • His first online video contained a serious message that attracted a broad audience. Of course, he became extremely popular after his video went global.
  • Fellowship on his social media accounts grew to millions after he started uploading regularly on various social applications.

He spent most of his childhood listening to music, and one day he began singing. But now, with passing of time, his reputation is growing, and he releases many albums in only few years which liked as well.

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