Joe Flacco Net Worth 2023: How much does Joe Flacco Make Per Year?

Joe Flacco Net Worth 2023Joe Flacco Net Worth 2023

$80 Million

Josepn Flacco started his football career during college in 2004 and played in several matches and tournaments. After a 4 year struggle, he enrolled in the NFL draft 2008 and the Baltimore Ravens gave him an opportunity as a quarterback. Without a doubt, he performed admirably for the Baltimore Ravens until 2018, when he signed a one-year contract with the Denver Broncos. During his career, he set different records. During the 2014 NFL season, he played well and won different matches. While his credibility was high after this season and he played with various teams, he is currently a member of the New York Jets., Joseph Flacco’s net worth as of 2023 is 80 million dollars.


How much does Joe Flacco Make Per Year?

  • At this time, Joe Flacco’s annual salary is around 8 million dollars as well. This is the basic salary amount because he gets a team pays bonus every year.
  • In addition, the 2nd major source of income is endorsements, and every year, many famous brands, like Nike, and some others, sign contracts. The value of an endorsement contract is around 5 million dollars.
Annual Salary 8 Million Dollar
Endorsement Income 5 Million Dollar

Joe Flacco Some Highlights

Home / House Audubon, New Jersey
Car Chevrolet Corvette
Current Team New York Jets
Previous Team
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Denver Broncos
  • New York Jets
  • Philadelphia Eagles
Position Quarterback
NFL Career Started 2008

Joe Flacco Salary History

  • Joe Flacco has played with different teams, but his salary amount was different. At the start of his career, his salary was not high, but after the 2014 NFL season, his demand was increased and at that time, he was considered one of the most expensive players in the NFL.
  • Currently, he is playing with the New York Jets and his current salary figure is 7.5 million dollars. Further, the salary details with another team are going to be mentioned below
Teams Salary Amount
Baltimore Ravens 20 Million Dollar
Denver Broncos 21 Million Dollar
New York Jets 8 Million Dollar
Philadelphia Eagles $3,600,000

Joe Flacco Contract History

Teams Total Contract Worth Contract Duration
Baltimore Ravens 121 Million Dollar 10 Year
Denver Broncos $3,600,000 1 Year
Philadelphia Eagles $3,600,000 1 Year
New York Jets 8 Million Dollar Present

How much does Joe Flacco Make with the Jets?

  • Joe Flacco signed his first contract with this in 2020, but it was only for one year, and he recently signed another contract with them, but the contract duration has yet to be released.
  • On the other hand, according to the latest contract, the current salary amount is somewhere between 7.5 and 8 million dollars, but this is an estimated figure.
Make with Jets Around 8 Million Dollar

How much did Joe Flacco Make with the Ravens?

  • When he was selected for the NFL draft, the Baltimore Ravens were picked for his team and both parties signed a 10-year contract. Moreover, the 2014 NFL season was outstanding because he was given an outclass performance.
  • But the audience is seeking to know how much Joe Flacco made with the Ravens. That is 121 million dollars.
Make with Ravens 121 Million Dollar

The initial days were not easy for Joe Flacco, but he worked hard and struggled. So, with extraordinary skill, he succeeded in making a place in the university football team and then won different tournaments and champion trophies.

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