Sharp The Pimp (No Jumper) Net Worth, Real Name, Ethnicity, Age

In today’s world, podcasting has become a popular way for many different people to become famous. By having interesting talks and making creative shows, these new celebrities and influencers use their voices to become very famous. In the world of online fame, Sharp The Pimp is a fascinating person who has become very popular on the “No Jumper” platform. He attracts people with his special charm and smart ideas, making him stand out among internet stars. This article takes a closer look at Sharp The Pimp (No Jumper) Net Worth, his real name, where he comes from, how old he is, and more.

Sharp The Pimp Net Worth

Finding out exactly how much money Sharp the Pimp has is hard because the money matters of internet stars are complex and private. It is believed that Sharp The Pimp Net Worth total money value is around $23.5 million.

  • This amount comes from his work on podcasts, being active on social media, and maybe his music work.
  • Sharp the Pimp is good at making money from his online activities and his work in entertainment, which helps increase his wealth.
Approx. Net Worth $23.5 million

Sharp The Pimp Real Name

His original name is Sharp One, which reveals a part of who he is.

Facts About Sharp The Pimp Life

Birthday 16 September 1987
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height 6 Feet 1 Inch Tall

Sharp The Pimp

Sharp The Pimp Ethnicity

Sharp ethnic background is not given. But, you can guess it from his work and how he presents himself. He is really into hip-hop music, which is a big part of African American culture.

He also reaches out to fans from all sorts of places. This mix makes him more interesting and lets him relate to lots of different people.


In the entertainment world, Sharp the Pimp, known for his motivational speaking, stylishly celebrated his 36th birthday this year, showing off his unique style.

Sharp No Jumper

Sharp, also known as “Sharp The Pimp,” has appeared on the “No Jumper” podcast. This podcast, hosted by Adam22, talks about people in the entertainment world, like musicians and social media stars.

  • In Sharp’s case, they also discuss things related to pimping.
  • When Sharp is on “No Jumper,” he shows how charming he is and how well he can talk to the audience.
  • He shares stories and his thoughts about life.

Sharp The Pimp became famous in the digital entertainment world, showing how social media can make people celebrate. Even though don’t know a lot about his life, we can see how he affects online discussions and trends. As the internet changes, people like Sharp The Pimp show both the good and bad parts of being famous online. People are interested in his story and excited to see what he does next in his online career.

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