Tony Romo Net Worth 2023: How much does Tony Romo Make a Year?

Tony Romo Net WorthTony Romo Net Worth 2023

$72 Million

During his NFL career, he earned 127.4 Million dollars as well millions of dollars has made through endorsement. So, his net worth is 70 Million Dollars but that is the previous year’s figure because in this year his net worth has increased and will declare soon.

Tony Romo closed their career in NFL but in 14 seasons he was played with Dallas Cowboy and won different titles during his career but currently working as an analyst. Before starting NFL season he contracts with different news and sports channel and give opinions. Across 14 seasons he earned 127.4 Million Dollars while his average income per season was 9.1 Million Dollars record.


How much does Tony Romo Make a Year?

Recently, he has contracted with CBS channel and according to terms and conditions annually he charged 17 Million Dollars. So basically, his income who earn as an analysis annually is 17 million while endorsement income yet not included.

Make a Year 17 Million Dollars

Tony Romo Salary CBS

Tony Romo contracted with CBS channel and his contracted salary amount is 1.9 Million Dollars on every broadcast. Before this contract, he was taking 1 Million Dollars per episode.

Tony Romo Salary 1.9 Million Dollars

Tony Romo Endorsements

Under 10 million dollars he signed with Pizza Hut and Direc TV. But contract duration is yet not clear because officially they have not announced this deal.

Endorsement Will Available Soon

How much is Tony Romo CBS Contract?

Tony Romo charges 17 Million Dollars annually from the CBS news channel as well per board cast he charges 1.9 Million Dollars.

CBS Contract 1.9 Million Dollars

How much does Tony Romo Make as a Sports Announcer?

The career of Tony Romo fully with different awards and achievements as well in different NFL seasons he does work as a sports announcer. Before sports announcer work he did contract and then perform.

But people were seeking the how much does tony room make as a sports announcer that is not exsit exact figure while the estimated amount is 875,000 Dollars.

Make as a Sport Announcer 875,000 Dollars

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Recently, Tony Romo has retired from NFL and when he retired then playing for DALLAS Cowboy. As well during NFL Career he was won different awards and title while his performance was outstanding. Still people are remember with sweet words.

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